Watch WHY You Eat: Food Psychology


This is absolutely one of the biggest topics that comes up with my clients both in the Fasting program I offer and with my 1:1 consults and I am quickly coming to the reckoning that WHY we eat is just as, if not more, important than WHAT we eat.

With so much focus on WHAT we eat, I think there is actually a huge amount to be said on the psychology of WHY we eat - and therefore, the ENERGETICS of the food we are consuming.

So often, with many of my clients, huge limiting factors to achieving their ultimate state of health and happiness - including mental health, are hidden in the 'Why'... Obviously this shows up very quickly when a candidate is fasting due to the fact that we are taking away the very distraction they turn to.  But it can also be observed in daily life and routine simply by bringing conscious awareness to it – that moment when you stop what you are doing and head to the cupboard or fridge for the 10th time in an hour, take a moment to stop and ask “WHY am I wanting to eat right now?”

When you consume food are you eating to:

> Nourish and fuel your body and enjoy that process?

OR, are you eating:

> To distract yourself & procrastinate (I'm totally guilty of this one! And something I have to constantly consciously work on!)

> Because you're bored and food is “your entertainment”?

> Because you're lonely and food is “your friend”?

> Because you're upset with something and food is “your friend”?

> Because you just 'fell off of' the latest diet fad and now you're ensuring the whole house-full of food is consumed in some strange revenge and 'I deserve it' tactic?  #JustSaying #FadDietsAreEvil

When we find ourselves in these kind of eating patterns, it can

  1. Completely change the energetics of the food we are eating.  By that I mean, how our body deals with the food and the contained nutritional components - due to the biological programs that may be turned on when these patterns are present! And…

  2. Cover up and literally “push down” things that are wanting, asking, to be addressed in your journey towards become your true shining self. 

I believe that the body of one person who eats a donut (or a salad for that matter!) out of pure joy, (soul or body) nourishment and appreciation for the moment, without fear or loathing or self-judgement or “using” it to be something else will utilise the energy from that product very differently (ie - more efficiently!) than a person who eats the donut (or salad!) as a way of say, comforting or distracting themselves, accompanied by guilt, loneliness and sadness for their life situation.

And there are also many clues in these moments, much to learn about ourselves when we raise consciousness around it and are willing to work on whatever comes up.  I am totally guilty of “procrastination eating” which I am fully aware of (first step to resolving!) and know that this is highly linked to a lack of confidence and fear of judgement I have around who I am and what I have to offer the world (obviously working on this and getting somewhere or I wouldn’t even have this site up and running – though it did take me 3 years, haha!!)

Sometimes these moments aren't particularly conscious ones either - hence this blog and a little memo >>> If you are struggling with your eating habits, holding weight you don't feel you need, not achieving what you want in life, or a myriad of other health concerns... Check in with yourself when you hit that fridge door...

>>> "Why am I eating right now?"... Is it to nourish and fuel my body from a loving and necessary place? Or is there something I'm pushing down along with that 6th piece of pie (or salad even!)? <<

Bringing awareness to these habits and then addressing the underlying emotions, could just be your ticket to a whole new happy, healthy world of possibility for you – and of course if you want to fast-track that success then be sure to consider the possibility of a Fast… You will be amazed at what comes up when there’s nothing to hold it down ☺. 

Nellie. Xx