A new way of healing: NLP meets German New Medicine with a splash of good ol’ intuition.


It’s taken me a long time to get comfortable with talking about how I guide people to heal themselves. To be honest, I’ve tried to bail on it at almost every turn, but there’s one thing that has kept me coming back to knowing that I’d eventually have to start sharing it sooner or later… It works.

What ever it is – I still haven’t quite found the right ‘name’ for what I do… There is no denying that it works.  When the woman who was on multiple medications for severe migraines and Chrons disease now lives symptom AND medication free… When the woman who was told she had a 5% chance of falling pregnant naturally, with no guarantees on that even, falls pregnant 2 days after completing the program and births her perfectly healthy baby boy 9 months later… When the guy with extreme Psoriasis now has clear skin and no need to use steroid creams… You kind of have an obligation to share what you are doing with the world.  It is pretty much selfish not to.

So, here I am, here it is and I’m going to do my very best to explain to you what it is I’m working with so that you might have hope and knowledge that deep healing is very real and possible also.

Essentially I am combining 3 modalities to help clients create these results – Neuro Linguistic Programming (which also includes elements of Hypnosis and Timeline Therapy), German New Medicine and Intuitive Healing.  The fourth element I should mention, it that when we work with these practises in the space of Guided Extended Fasting, the results are amplified, accelerated and even more easily accessible + powerful.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a modality that some of you may have heard of before, so let’s start there – 

NLP is a form of Psychotherapy that works, as the name suggests, predominantly with language to help clients re-wire the Brain and therefore a range of undesirable states that they may be experiencing – be that bad habits, negative frames of mind, limiting beliefs, blockages to success and in some cases, bad states of heath.

I first studied NLP in 2011 and gained my Practitioner’s certificate in the modality in 2012 after having great success with it in my personal life.  

But it’s also a lot more than just a “language-therapy” it’s also very much about observing human nature.  So we look very closely for clues as to what is REALLY going on for a person at a sub-conscious level - which is not always a match to the story being told.  It’s detective work really, and the subconscious body doesn’t lie.  Eye movements, body language, tone of voice, shifts in skin colour and signs of temperature changes are just some of the ways a skilled practitioner can determine how to help a client achieve their desired outcome, if the selected technique is working, – and actually, if that is what they really want at all.

A lot of the work is done in quite a mediative state and I have found that even with a wide range of documented techniques to choose from to suit any given client, a large part of a successful session is deeply Intuitively-led.  No one human is the same, we know that, and sometimes you really just have to go with the flow, get very creative in the moment and move with whatever downloads are coming through for that person, at the time.  This is where it’s very important to choose a practitioner whom you can trust to remain open with heart-based intent and integrity while leaving their own filters at the door, as much as possible.

It’s interesting that my “wellness detective” skills were already developing through NLP, as my more recent discovery and integration into my practise of German New Medicine takes that to a whole new level!

German New Medicine is a practise that looks at the scientific connection between the Psyche, Brain and Organ, in relation to disease and illness as something that begins with a shock or trauma, experienced in a certain way by the unique individual. | You can learn more about GNM HERE |

I’ve found it to work well with my strong Intuitive and “Wellness Detective” skills as well as my studies in NLP – which acts as a helpful tool for assisting clients in accessing what that original shock or trauma might be, and also in looking at ways to resolve it – either on a practical or emotional level.  Once a resolution – and the proceeding healing phase is complete, clients are generally able to return to great state of full health.

The three aforementioned methods of healing are a powerful trio when merged together.  I am honoured to have come into this space and to witness so many transformations already in various people’s states of health and wellbeing – including mental health, which often vastly improves when the physical health does, and can be worked on in isolation using these techniques also.

There’s much we don’t know, there will always be a lot to learn, and I endeavour ALWAYS to keep an open mind and heart and be directed by something far more vast than the limits of my own conscious mind, in my path as a self-healing facilitator.  What I do know is that I love my work and that the results tell me to keep doing whatever I’m doing – with or without a name. And to always stay lovingly curious into the amazing mind and body which is the HUMAN BEING.

Let me know if you can think of an appropriate name for the unique combination of what I am practising – I’d love to connect and of course feel free to ask any questions on the modalities above as I’m be delighted to help you learn more on how to be a Well-Being too!

Nellie. Xx