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 Do you want the Sciency version or the Nell version?


  • Essential Science: “a natural oil typically obtained by distillation and having the characteristic odour of the plant or other source from which it is extracted.” As per the dictionary or, to go deeper, they are any plant-based, volatile oil that contains a mixture of chemical compounds and have an aroma characteristic of the plant from which they are derived.

  • Extracted from the bark, roots, stems, flowers, leaves, seeds and various other parts, essential oils are commonly described as “The immune system” of a plant. 

  • The aroma or smell and oils contained in a particular plant has a lot to do with both the protection and also its pollination or reproduction and therefore, survival of that species.

  • In addition to their intrinsic benefits to plants, essential oils have also been used throughout history in food preparation, beauty products and treatments as well as health-care practises. 

  • Mother Nature is QUEEN and really does know what she is doing when it comes to keeping living beings happy and healthy! – including YOU if you’ll give her a chance.

  • Oh annnnnnnddddd, if all of that is like a foreign language to you, there’s also this:

  • They will make your house smell fricken’ amazing! (PLUS deliver you and your family benefits without you even having to understand it all!)



Mate, what can’t they do?! 



Here's a few examples of some common uses - and also a few that you might not know about yet, on how these precious little oils can help you!

  • LAVENDER: You may already know that it’s great for sleep and calming, but did you know that it is also an anti-bacterial and great for helping heal skin conditions including sunburn?

  • LEMON: Many people already use lemon in their water to wake up the digestive system and aid detox, but did you know that it also makes a fantastic cleaner, stain remover and deodorant as well as promoting a sense of focus when diffused?

  • PEPPERMINT: Tastes amazing in chocolate and bliss balls, right?! But did you know it’s a winner when it comes to easing the pain of headaches & fever plus promotes open airways for easier breathing AND when you have it in that chocolate, you’re also assisting your digestive system?

Seriously, here’s just SOME of the products I no longer (and don’t want to!) have to buy thanks to essential oils…

Laundry powder | Fabric softener | Floor cleaner | Spray cleaner | Toilet cleaner | Toothpaste | Deodorant | Perfume | Air freshener | Carpet cleaner | Antiseptic | Headache tablets | Cough medicine | Pest sprays | Pet care | Body wash | and so much more – not even to mention the emotional and mental wellbeing support side of things!




Well, if you’ve had a look around this site already, you’ll probably have worked out that I’m allllll about the natural way! Why? Because I want every human on this planet to know that it is possible for themselves and family to live a happy, healthy life – and part of this comes from reducing the toxic stress we put on our bodies… through the food we eat, the lifestyle we live and the products we use both on and around ourselves.  

If our internal army is too busy sorting out all the garbage it has very little time and energy to attend to more serious matters that need DEEP HEALING, and the other way around also – if we are in periods of deep healing, then the garbage can pile up, leading to further dis-ease.

So, when we are able to make simple switches in our daily lives to NATURAL alternatives like body products, cleaners and in some cases, medicinal support, we are giving ourselves and our ‘army’ the best shot at healing and staying well – and not only reducing the load, but supporting them to do their job well too!

You’ll see in my shop that I have created a range of done-for you products all ready to use and make those switches to supporting yourself naturally, and alongside that, I also LOVE teaching you how to create these products and many more yourself, because you really can’t beat a DIY for value and creative fulfilment!

Keen to learn how to get started on making your own natural products straight away?