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There are many reasons I choose to align with dōTERRA but first and foremost is down to the fact that without a doubt, they are producing oils of the purest and highest quality – and they make having confidence in this very easy & transparent.

The Essential oil industry is highly unregulated – there is currently NO governing body holding companies liable as to what is going into their “Pure Essential Oil” bottles (crazy huh?!) and I don’t know about you, but when I’m using these as a natural product – particularly when ingesting them, I absolutely want to know that they are guaranteed to be 100% pure, natural & of the highest quality.  dōTERRA are one of the only companies in the world to have all of their oils independently tested and they also make those records available for the public to view HERE.

This is where you can view all of the testing & data on dōTERRA’s oils (you just need a bottle with the number on the bottom to input and get the relevant results) and see that they meet CPTG standards. The CPTG stamp stands for Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® and is a testing procedure that dōTERRA developed to ensure that all of their oils are completely pure, so you can have absolute peace of mind when using them. 

Another thing to be aware of is that even if company states that their oil is 100% pure, there are many other determining factors which can have an impact on the final quality and effectiveness of an Essential oil.

Ensuring the right species and part of the plant, as well as the correct harvesting times, growing environment and distilling conditions are just some of the elements that can completely change the make-up of the extract.  dōTERRA is very careful to maintain consistency in this area with all of their Essential Oils.

As if that isn’t reason enough, here’s a few more reasons why I have chosen to work with dōTERRA’s products:

dōTERRA’s Co-Impact sourcing model 

“Co-Impact Sourcing is so much more than just getting oils. Rather, Co-Impact Sourcing develops long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships. Through Co-Impact Sourcing, dōTERRA helps to provide the resources and education needed to improve the economy—and even sometimes create an economy—in these communities. Jobs are created as the need for an essential oil is met. Additionally, farming and distilling equipment as well as training are also provided. Additionally, farmers and distillers enter into agreements that assure them of fair and timely pay that they can rely on.” 

> From the dōTERRA website speaking on their Essential oil sourcing model, which sources each individual oil from precisely where it is best grown!  This company is not growing plantations for oils where it suits them, but where the plants thrive – having both a huge environmental impact as well as positively affecting the communities they are working with to achieve harvesting the best oils in the world.

dōTERRA’s Helping Hands Project

“dōTERRA’s non-profit, charitable organisation, the Healing Hands Foundation™, also plays a role in Co-Impact Sourcing. The Healing Hands Foundation steps in to help the rest of the community, providing education, building schools, and working to provide the necessities of life, such as portable water and needed infrastructure.” 

> dōTERRA covers all overheads for their charity “Helping Hands” which works towards resolving major world issues such as child sex trafficking!  This is definitely something I am happy for my money to be going towards.  Knowing that I’m having an impact on mine + my family’s health, my community, those I support in their oil journey, the environment AND others in need at a global level is such a great feeling!

If you are ready to be a part of creating this change too, click here!