How to beat the pants off of Gastro, (naturally!) before it ruins yours!


Thought I'd share a piece of success we had lately in both avoiding (me) and minimising (Sophia) the symptoms of the "Gastro" rounds that hit town recently.

Sophia's school was actually closed for 2 days due to the number children affected by the associated symptoms and unfortunately Sophia did experience some also, but we were able to keep it relatively manageable due practising the modalities I love, on both her and myself. 

Firstly, by manageable, I mean that Sophia vomitted only once in the afternoon, with a few very small follow ups just before bed/ sleep -  no diarrhoea, no vomitting through the night, no medication or Dr trips, slept though til morning, woke at 6am a little tired and a headache (part of the healing phase), snoozed on the couch for half a day and then was fine.

And for me - despite sharing her food & drinks throughout the process + cleaning up her spew - zero symptoms what so ever! This was NOT coincidental and I'd love to teach you how!

To be clear - this is NOT a boast post (though TBH, I am proud & thankful of where we have come to as a family with our state of health and understanding of how to deal with stuff like this!) more so, I genuinely want to show you guys that it IS POSSIBLE to be well, naturally!

> These conditions are not what we think they are!

> Nor do they have to be as traumatic and cycling as we have been taught to believe!

> There is no reason to panic!

> In fact, NOT panicking is one of the BEST things you can do to save yourself the hassle, or at least downgrade the symptoms of things like 'Gastro' and many other health challenges!

Who wants to know more about how we got though this one so smoothly - and how you can too? 

Here’s a hint -  I successfully used a combo all 3 of the natural resources I work with to combat this one!

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This is where it all begins!  Conscious thought and living is one of the most powerful tools we can use for our health.  I practise a modality called German New Medicine which looks at the relationship between the shocks and traumas we experience + they way in which we perceive that experience and how that is able to turn on programs in the brain and body which create the physical symptoms we then suffer with.

When it comes to Gastro, the associated conflict is one of an "Indigestible morsel/ territorial anger". And so, the actual news that "Gastro is going around" and has infiltrated (your particular) the community (or family ‘territory’) is for some people, enough to start the very program which results in the symptoms. (amongst other experiences that an individual can have to trigger it too.)

The very best thing you can do for yourself is to NOT PANIC at this news, and not buy into the fear of it - and to teach your kids this too.

Here’s some empowering thoughts to keep in mind instead:

> "Oh, that's a shame for the people who are experiencing that, I understand however, that this does not have to be my experience too."

> "I am safe, I am protected, I cannot catch this experience, fear has no place here."

> "I am in control of my health and set my boundaries solidly."

> "I trust my body and release any fear, anger or anxiety around this situation, allowing my biological programs to remain turned off."

> I also like to imagine an ON | OFF switch in my brain, and I keep that thing in the OFF!!! position when something like this comes up!

> And in general, give the subject as little attention as possible - don't buy into or encourage the fear-hype!

This can be hard for kids at school when everyone around them is "going down' but the more of us who can practise this mindset at home and teach our children to be strong in it, the healthier our schools and communities will be in general. 

If it does happen that you or a member of your crew, experience the onset of the symptoms of the "Gastro" program, here's some things we did to minimise Sophia's experience of it and make it a relatively pain-free experience for us all:

> Mindframe: Keep reassuring and focusing on the information above so as to turn off the fear indicators as soon as possible.

> Essential oils: My "Belly Bliss" blend (you can get it here) went straight onto Sophia's tummy with a gentle clockwise massage which soothes and supports the body to heal and pass through any digestive discomfort as quickly as possible.  It's a blend of: Ginger | Anise | Fennel | Marjoram | Grapefruit | Roman Chamomile | Peppermint | Coriander | Tarragon | Caraway & Fractionated coconut oil.  Doterra's DigestZen is also fab or Peppermint, Ginger and Anise are a good place to start.

> Fasting: What does any animal do when ill? They stop eating & rest.  Please don't force your child to eat when they are unwell - this is a natural healing mechanism of the body!  Fasting gives your body the best shot at healing as quick as it can – your “Army” doesn’t have to give time and attention to digestion, it can work on the important stuff instead. For Sophia, sucking on ice-cubes was a great way to get some fluid back in, a bit at a time so she didn't need to purge more.  And in the morning when she woke up fine but tired, a fresh coconut water was perfect for helping her rehydrate and get some good stuff back in.  In the afternoon she had a cold pressed juice of celery, apple, lemon, ginger and mint, with a little of our Immunity Fuel Probiotic added in. You can get it here.

> For the headache that came in healing phase for her the next morning, we again turned to oils - Peppermint, Lavender, Frankincense and Rosemary plus she slept it off with a few crystals in hand - Amethyst and Lapis Lazuli, both known to help energetically with headaches.  She was right as rain when she woke up.

And not a poop or spew in sight for me, which was achieved predominantly through keeping my “safe” mid space!
And that folks, is how you beat the pants off of Gastro, before it spoils yours!

Feel free to ask questions, I'd love to hear how this goes for you next time you might need it (Hopefully not anytime soon!). 

Nellie. Xx