I’m so grateful for Nellie's program. After 2 trips to Bali within 12 months of each other I had stomach issues that were so painful that some days I couldn't move and I would eat what ever didn't hurt my stomach which resulted in an unhealthy lifestyle. The pain went on for a good two years in total. I was always tired and sluggish and my memory was nowhere near as good as it once was. Once I commenced the program I noticed a huge change in how I was feeling about half way through. I was clear headed, my skin was amazing and my stomach issues had improved immensely! By the end of the program I felt better than ever before and was able to eat all the things that would trigger a sore stomach. I also fell pregnant the day after I completed the program!!! Having another baby was on my Why list I gave to Nell at the start and it was something that I had wanted to get healthy for it just happened a little quicker than expected!!! My habits haven't been great lately as I've been so sick this pregnancy and basically eat what I can keep down but I can't wait to do the program again next year after I've finished breastfeeding and getting back to that healthy headspace I had during the program. I'm so very grateful to Nell, you have changed my life xxx


Nellie's true gift resides in her intuition. She knows just the right questions and has just the right insight to gently push the self into awareness. Nellie has so much knowledge on health and lifestyle, I was inspired and motivated. If you are looking for someone to help you go deep into self love, nurture and health, then Nellie is the one! She has also helped my 8 year old daughter with casual ongoing talks which have assisted her to find inner strength and calm. 5 stars to this amazing soul!!


I had been thinking about doing the gain life fast programme to detox my system and re energise my health, then when i was told by a doctor that due to my age (41) that my chances of falling pregnant naturally were around 5%, it was a no brainer for me to do the programme and give my body the best chance and doing what it knows best. The programme was amazing and I couldn't have done it without Nellie's help she really is an intuitive natural!! and the best news within the first week after I completed the fast, I conceived :-) Im now 34 weeks pregnant with a healthy growing boy and Im so grateful to Nellie and this programme for re booting my mind and body so it could do what it is meant to do, naturally :-) Amazing, wonderful stuff!!


After meeting the man of my dreams later in life at the age of 41 we decided to see if god would grant us a natural pregnancy. I was healthy and fit and very happy with my life partner who would make an amazing father so now was the right time. Doctors verdict – “5% chance of getting pregnant naturally due to remaining egg count and age, increase to 30% chance if I did IVF’ I was pretty devastated but also determined to prove them wrong. My partner and I decided to give my body the best chance possible of getting pregnant naturally and defy the 5% verdict!

I knew of Nellie-B-Well Gain Life Fast programme, I liked that it was guided and included 4 x one on one sessions to align my mind with my body. I reached out to her and booked it in. I had never done any sort of fast before, I was excited, it felt right and good timing for me. I was ready to be the healthiest version of me! Wow! I loved every part of it! My body showed signs straight away. I thought i was relatively healthy but that first 'detox' week i really detoxed!!! It was amazing stuff! The juicing weeks were not as hard as I thought it would be, I did feel hungry at times but the support is there and the juices are enough to provide the body with the nutrients it needs.

The content Nellie provides and the one on one sessions are just price less, she is so naturally intuitive! Nellie helped me to uncover and move some underlining crap that had been sitting below the surface for years! I’ll be forever grateful! This produced a massive shift for me. I loved letting go to the process and feeling my body and mind clean out the toxins and reboot to a pure healthy state. I experienced many emotions along the way but the best is just a pure natural high that I have only experienced once before when i was training to be a yoga teacher, that high alone is worth doing the fast for 🙂 I basically let go of all the toxic waste in my body and mind and felt so clean and free it was invigorating!

As part of the programme, on completion of the juicing, I then reboot my gut with Immunity Fuel probiotic superfood, it felt so good to put such a clean natural probiotic into my gut after I had just cleaned it out. The end result - I felt balanced, detoxed, cleansed, healed and within days of finishing the fast - pregnant! 🙂 Amazing!!!! I am now 36 weeks pregnant and blissfully happy. I have maintained the Immunity Fuel probiotic superfood throughout my pregnancy and I have enjoyed a good healthy pregnancy throughout the whole amazing journey. It was perfect to go into my pregnancy in such a healthy state. I’ll be forever grateful to Nellie and the Gain Life Fast programme and recommend it to anyone wanting to re boot their health and/or clear anything holding them back - it is brilliant!! Nellie you are truly amazing at what you do, a natural! I’ll be doing another one again for sure!

Cassie x


So – I have just finished working with this little ray of sunshine and I just had to write this little piece of recommendation and send out into the world…

I have an auto-immune disease and have struggled with energy and other symptoms for the past 3-4 years without much improvement despite knocking on many medical professional’s doors.  Needless to say I walked away from many appointments feeling very deflated, and very much on my own ☹

A few months ago I came across Nellie’s Instagram page.  I “stalked” her for a little while before deciding to make contact for a chat to discover more of what she does and the process involved.  Boy am I glad I did! Nellie explained very clearly about how she guides you through your juice fast and what to expect.  She recommends her 28 day program however offers shorter ones also.  Her program (as daunting as the concept of a 28 day juice fast is) has been put together very thoroughly and absolutely sets you up to succeed. At our first meeting she greeted me with the warmest hug and hugest smile.  She quickly diffused any hint of nerves and very much wanted me to know that she is human too and that we must allow ourselves to be just that….human.  So I walked away with my home grown lemons, information and supplements ready to start my juicing journey! 

Nellie was with me every step of the way, gently prodding (and pushing when necessary) for me to plough through the myriad of emotions one faces when undertaking a fast. Often the emotions would take me by surprise…or the realisation of finding something out about myself – usually positive – was amazing.  The clarity you find when fasting along with the energy is the bomb.  To have spent so many days literally running on adrenalin only to crash the moment I didn’t need to “perform” and then to find myself constantly looking for things to do when my energy returned was quite the bonus!  Nellie keeps you in check with her weekly phone calls (you will have homework to do) and makes herself available to answer any questions you have along the way.  She checks in on you often and doesn’t let you feel as if you are doing this on your own. 

Now…last count I had lost 12kg which obviously was a lovely little bonus also.  Maybe not quite the number one would expect to drop after 28 days of fasting (actually I went on a little longer) however I still have work to do and things that I am hanging on to emotionally that I need to let go of in order to move forward (she will love that I am able to admit this!!) and fully plan to do so.  

Anyway, for anyone (particularly those struggling with their health) but for anyone wanting to reset, go back to baseline for a bit and try to move forward with clarity and understanding of how your lifestyle, diet and experiences (often trauma) really do affect your health I can highly recommend Nellie.  She will guide you beautifully through your journey (firmly when required – and she will make you accountable throughout this).  It is totally worth the investment, to reclaim the power over your health and happiness.  

Love your work Nellie – you are a little pocket rocket angel for whom I am ever so grateful for!  The universe has brought some wonderful people into my life and you are most definitely one of them – THANK YOU! XXX


I was told after having my last child that I needed to get the mirena. Its a long story but basically I had nothing but issues with it. Took a while to find a doc that agreed that it was what was causing my problems and removed it. My hormones were crazy Ended up at a specialist that wanted me to go on diabetic medication to get everything back under control. Lucky for me Nellie was just starting out and suggested I gave her program a go. Can not recommend it enough I feel like me again. Thank you so much Nellie xx


Before going on Nellie's program, I was addicted to sugar & alcohol. I had constant cravings & obsessions over food. During the fast, I surprised myself by being strong and even went away on a short trip during that time. Over 4 weeks, the juices filled my body with goodness and Nellie coached me gently each week. Now, I have lost heaps of weight (at least 12 kgs) and am no longer powerless to alcohol and food, in fact, I eat one main meal a day, a couple of juices and only occasionally drink. I feel so much better. Thank-you Nellie for everything, I really feel you saved my life. Sharnee x


I have had the most amazing 12 months working with Nellie to gain back my health and wellbeing. I went from someone who suffered migraines constantly, took a lot of medication, suffered from endless flare ups with my Crohn's Disease and quite overweight, to someone who is no longer on medication for my Crohn's or migraines, almost zero headaches and 15kgs lighter. I'm feeling more in control of my life and health than I've ever felt. Nellie has been a constant inspiration and support throughout my journey and I'm forever grateful!


After being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in 2002 and suffering migraines for the past 20 years, I was sick of taking copious amounts of medication and dealing with all the side effects that accompany them and as you can imagine all of these combined made me feel sluggish and groggy and disrupted my sleep. I was in a constant cycle of sickness and medication. I tried to eat well, but with the emotional issues that arise with feeling ill, I often made the wrong food choices, which in turn, made me feel even worse.

When I saw that Nellie was doing a juice cleanse I became intrigued as to what it involved and how she went with it. I decided to get in touch and have a chat. I’d done a bit of research on juicing to re-boot, but I never thought I’d be able to stick to it. After my chat with Nellie, I decided that I had to do something major if I wanted to have any chance of feeling healthy and jumping off the medication merry-go-round that I was on.

A few weeks later I began my cleanse and it has been the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. Nellie was an absolutely amazing support and made me feel so safe and nurtured throughout.  I’ve learnt so much about my body and what it is capable of. I’ve learnt how to reward my hard work with things other than food and how to respect food for the way it fuels my body. I have never felt as good as I do now after my cleanse, I feel lighter, younger and energetic.  I’m no longer on any of my medications and have no symptoms of my Crohn’s Disease. I feel much healthier and happier within myself and I’m just so excited about where this newfound respect for my body will take me.


I would whole heartedly recommend Working with Nellie, she speaks from her heart and guides you to be a better version of you, from the inside. Such an epic journey I'll be forever transformed. So grateful!


Loving my new life after the recent detox/ juice fast that i went on thru Nellie Barnett program; Gain life fast. The bundall markets are my new fav thing for fresh organic fruit and veg, live music, great food and all by the water. No more refined sugar and fat toxic foods for me. Many bad habits replaced with better healthier ones. Feeling gd. Thanks Nellie yr awesome. X


I won a voucher for Nellie's program and was excited going in to it thinking it was all about nutrition and detoxing. Man was I wrong, it is so much more! For me personally I was already at a healthy weight and in a pretty good place nutritionally. The reason I started the program was because low energy levels were making me a grumpy mum and I wanted to feel good and light and full of energy again. I also used it as the beginning of a transition to a vegan diet. 

This program is so much more than a detox. For me the juice fast made space to work on some psychological issues that I didn't even realise were sitting there and getting in the way of me feeling energised and happy. Nellie was amazing at helping me find what was going on for me and giving me strategies to work through it. 

I am so grateful to Nellie for doing what she does, bringing together positivity and a healthy mindset with kindness towards the body and self. Nellie's beautiful energy combined with her knowledge of physical, mental and emotional health make the Gain Life Fast program so much more than any other program I have tried before. 

Thanks Nel, I'm truly grateful! 


After the cleanse I felt incredible. I had lost almost 10 kilos, my skin was so clear and I was full of life & energy. I was my optimum self, so focused & light.


On the 13th of August 2018, I began one prep week and intestinal detox for my birthday present. Something I’ve been seriously considering for more than a year. And so it began! My Gain Life Fast 14 day Juice fast. A complete body and mind cleanse and reset. Total physical and mental work. Awesome days, crappy days, good days and challenging days. All growth days.

My fast journey from a practical sense ended up like this:

Full bowel: intestinal detox flush with a formula including clay and charcoal (amazing stuff!) 
3 days water (and herbal tea) fasting
8 days juice fasting
2 days water (and herbal tea) fasting.
A colonic hydrotherapy mixed in for good measure.
I broke fast 23 hours early on the communication and intuition my body gave me on day 12.
And yes, by fasting I mean no food whatsoever. And by juice I mean no solids whatsoever.


1) Out of total love and respect for by body I gave it a deep spring clean. A 100,00kms at the mechanic. However it can be described. Because I love my body and I want it to be able to be it’s best, and because I believe it loves me too.

2) Out of total love and respect for myself, I knew I was ready for a spring clean too. An overhaul. Time to let go. Let go of that which no longer serves me. Fear. Self conflict. External conflict. Guilt. And more.

I’m not going to go into the details of my personal journey, but let me just say, this 13 day fasting experience was quite different to what I imagined- I actually didn’t feel hungry or like I was missing out or sleepy or moooody. The initial 2-3 days of detox were challenging. Beyond that, some days my muscles felt fatigued. Some days I felt a little nauseous. Some days I had mountains of energy. I’ve had epsom salt and rose petal baths. I’ve done gentle yoga at home. I’ve done walking meditation every other day. I’ve rested. I’ve had SUPPORT #nellie_b_well hola sista!!

I’ve had a spectacular at-home spa and cleanse holiday. I would HIGHLY recommend it. I have lost twice the weight in kgs than I hoped to, but here is the great news: I now get to put that weight back on by building physically and energetically awesome cells! Throughout this process I have worked hard on working towards the life that I want for myself. These are not externally major changes, they are changed in mindset and self-love. And now I get to create the building blocks, the new cells, that align with the true me. I’m so exited! 

Thankyou immensely to my beautiful family for supporting me- Mia and Lola totally understood and trusted the process. There was no fear in it so there was no fear for them for their mummy. They know it was my special body cleaning time and that I needed rest. Total superstar kiddos as always.

And my F&@$ING INCREDIBLE husband Mark. I requested thus gift for my birthday and he knew, I’m giving it, that it wasn’t just the financial investment. It would be his time, his energy and his support invested in the process. And by god did he step right up and beyond the call of duty. There are no words. I am so proud to call him MY MAN!

I am now a day into my breaking- fast week (it takes a week of slowing weaning back onto food groups one at a time so as to let the correct digestive enzymes build up so I don’t get a huge tummy ache! It’s actually an awesome process if savoring each food, each flavor, fir the first time time again. I never knew I could love a pear so much!)

As I continue on through this process and beyond, if you are curious or want to know more, don’t hesitate to ask. You can also see more info at the Gain Life Fast website.

Love to you all, here’s to great health and a wonderful life!